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Roof Replacement Costs in Minneapolis

What the hell is a square of roofing?I get asked all the time how much roofs cost to replace here in the Twin Cities. That’s sort of like asking how much a car costs. It depends on many variables. But for the sake of trying to be as helpful as I can in answering that question (the one about roofing costs) here are some very general guidelines you can follow. Technical note: guys like me throw around the term ‘Square” when referring to roof measurement. Roofing labor and material prices in Minneapolis are determined according to squares, which is to say units that are 10′ x 10’ in dimension. Most roofs in the Twin Cities are in the 25 to 50 square range.

Material Costs for Minneapolis Roofing:

No other single factor determines the price of a roofing project than the material chosen (except for roof size, of course). For example, asphalt shingles of standard quality cost around $95 to $140 per square right now in Minneapolis. We receive almost monthly notifications from our asphalt shingle vendors that price increases are on the way so keep in mind the date of this post. Asphalt shingle roofing in Minneapolis as little as a couple years ago used to cost half that of cedar shake and shingle roofing. Not so much anymore as the price of oil has increased and taken all petroleum based products along with it. We installed  a designer series asphalt shingle roof on Lake Harriet not too long ago that cost more than a cedar roof, as a matter of fact. Cedar roofing material prices currently range from $170 to $270 per square. That’s a huge range, which is appropriate once you start to understand the wide spectrum of possibilities when buying cedar shakes and shingles in Minneapolis. Asphalt shingles and cedar roofing represent 98% of the roofing market in Minneapolis so I will limit my comments to those two for now. Ancillary roofing materials such as fasteners, felt paper, ice and water membrane and flashings also add up when trying to determined how much it costs a roof on in Minneapolis. Those costs are described more on our website if you are interested.

Pitch & Height:

The higher the roof and the steeper the roof the more expensive the work will be. All you have to do is imagine yourself up there and the importance of height and roof pitch in what you would need to charge for your time crystalizes pretty quickly.

Diagram of different roof slopes

Labor Costs for Minneapolis Roofing:

Labor costs for roofing work in Minneapolis and surrounding communities will range from $190 to $325 per square depending on the above mentioned variables. Some contractors include the costs of permits and dumpsters in their labor charges while others do not. We prefer to separate all of the costs line-by-line so you can see where you are spending you money.

Average Roof Replacement Costs in Minneapolis:

Here are some quick and dirty numbers for your consideration:

$425 to $550 Cost to replace an asphalt shingle roof in Minneapolis

$625 to $750 Cost to replace a cedar roof in Minneapolis

Here are some recent roof replacement costs for projects completed around the Twin Cities, including roof size and roof pitch:

  • $32,230  Cedar roof replacement cost in Edina using heavy hand-split cedar shake roofing on a 46 square 10/12 pitch gabled cedar roof
  • $26,409  Asphalt roof replacement cost in Shorewood using Timberline HD Ultra asphalt roofing on a 60 square 11/12 pitch hip roof
  • $27,320  Cedar roof replacement price in Wayzata using hand-split medium, Blue Lable Certified cedar shake roofing on a 42 square 8/12 pitch cedar roof
  • $37,511  Cedar roof replaced in Orono using 16″ cedar shingles with 5″ exposures on a 53 square hip roof (roof pitches ranging from 4/12 to 12/12)
  • $11,600 Asphalt roofing project cost in St. Louis Park using Timberline HD asphalt shingles on a 24 square Cape Cod home, 10/12 pitched gable roof (price included chimney work)
  • $42,477 Cedar shake roof replacement in Minnetonka using treated medium cedar shakes on a 58 square 9/12 pitch hip roof
  • $8,280 Asphalt roof replaced in Hopkins using GAF asphalt shingles on a 15 square gable roof with a 10/12 pitch and three dormers
  • $29,800 Cedar roofing replacement cost in Orono using heavy hand-split shakes on a 40 square gambrel roof with 18/12 and 4/12 roof pitches


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