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How to deal with water leaking into your home

I’ve been asked many times over the years about how to deal with water leaking into a home. It’s obviously a super stressful situation, so having a few pointers can help. Here is a PDF that shows one technique for managing water leaks into your home (Ice Dam Leaks Minneapoils Water leaking down walls Minnesota 1-12-15). The bottom line is that you need to think creatively. There are very few wrong answers when it comes to dealing with water leaking in through your roof. One ‘wrong answer’ I’ve seen is to ignore the problem. Don’t simply allow the water to do what it will. Collect it and pour it down the drain. It belongs in the Mississippi River, not your floors, walls and ceilings. Another common mistake I have seen Minneapolis homeowners do with water leaks is to lay down towels on their hardwood floors and allow the water to soak in and sit for extended periods of time. Don’t do this. Wood floors don’t like moisture. A soaked towel creates a perfect place for water to work against the dimensional stability of your wood floors. In other words, you will greatly increase the likelihood of warping and damage if you allow water to hang around in a wet towel.

Another common mistake in managing water leaks into a home is to underestimate the value of dehumidification and air movement. The first thing our crews do when we show up to manage a water leak is to get fans running in the area to encourage evaporation. Get the biggest fan you have and aim it towards the area where water is collecting. Move air around. It helps tremendously. Also, borrow, rent or buy a dehumidifier and put it in the affected room. You will be shocked at how much moisture a dehumidifier will pull out of the air.

It doesn’t take long for unattended moisture to cause problems in your home. Manage it to the best of your abilities. Even better, call us to provide some real time advice on what’s happening and what you can do about it before we show up to help.

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