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Minneapolis Hail Damage Map

Best wind and hail damage repair contractor in Minnesota

Minneapolis storm damage repair company

Minneapolis area home owners are often surprised at how quickly storm chasers arrive at their door steps after the storm itself has subsided. It’s a safe assumption that strangers will be knocking at your door within an hour after a hail storm passes through your neighborhood. We have to admire the efficiency with which these companies operate. That said, it’s not a game we play. We pride ourselves in the fact that the majority of our business is won organically, the old fashioned way. We do great work and make people happy enough to tell their friends and neighbors about us. It’s a great system.

We do a fair share of repair and replacement work in Minneapolis to fix the damage left behind by both storms and storm chasers. We have many cases under our belts where the unsuspecting homeowner hired a door-knocker with bad results. Normally, their crappy workmanship doesn’t manifest for a couple of years, at which time they are long gone, either out of business or out of Minnesota altogether. Back in the office we continue to be amazed at how dumb, yes dumb, homeowners are who trust people who knock on the door. The first clue that a company doesn’t have enough work through reputation alone is that they have to send guys out before the storm clouds have left.

Is it possible to get a high quality job done by door knockers? Yes. Is your probability of having trouble with that company higher than if you chose a company with a deeply established history of excellence in your community? Absolutely. The question becomes, why on earth would you take the risk? Why trust what is probably the most valuable asset in your life to people that randomly knock on your door? We are often amazed at how many otherwise intelligent homeowners throw caution and common sense to the wind and hire a guy who knocked on the door.

A very common approach to success in storm chasing relates to yard signs. Believe it our not, there is an entire strategy surrounding yard signs. Storm chasers will smooth talk their way into allowing the placement of a single yard sign in a neighborhood and then refer to that ‘job’ as evidence of their credibility. “We are working for Mrs. Johnson. You may have seen our sign…”. It’s not uncommon to see a company with many yard signs in a neighborhood. Common sense would suggest that yard signs mean jobs are happening. In fact, a yard sign only indicates that a homeowner has agreed to let said storm chaser discuss the hail damage with their insurance company. That’s it. In many cases those conversations are fruitless, resulting in no hail damage coverage. By law of averages, some jobs do occur. In either case, it always makes sense to do your research and hire the very best company you can when it comes down to discussing your storm damage claim with your insurance company. We are that company.

Here is a standard hail damage map of the Minneapolis area. These maps are cranked out within minutes of a significant hail event and provide a battle plan for the legions of door knockers and storm chasers. With such maps, storm chasers are able to target specific neighborhoods quite efficiently.

Minneapolis Storm Damage Map


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