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Who to Call With a Roof in Limbo?

Repair or Replace Your Roof…Start First with an Honest Roofing Contractor

The Problem:

At some point in the life of your roof, regardless what type it is, there will be a time when fixing a few problematic spots will stretch out its remaining life by a few years. You can call a standard roofer, but chances are you will soon be having a conversation about replacing the whole roof. Or, you can call the guys you had wash it a year or two ago, but they are not qualified to do the professional roof repair you need if it involves something beyond installing a few shakes.

The Solution:

Hire Kuhl. The fire in our bellies isn’t based on replacing roofs or washing roofs. It’s based on doing what is best for you and your home.

Case Study 24

We used old-school hand-soldering to join these copper sheets together at the lowest section (pan). This project would typically be too small for a roofer to care about and too sophisticated for mere roof washers to understand.

Case Study 24.2

This is a 16 year old medium hand-split cedar shake roof. Aside from the rotten valley, it has about another 8 years of life left in it. We saturated the entire roof with our commercial wood preservative after replacing the valley with hand-soldered copper.

Case Study 24.3

  1. Low slope area was leaking off and on for a couple of years.
  2. Organic material settled in valley, creating severe rot.
  3. These areas have many more years or service left in them.

Case Study 24.4

  1. New bomb-proof copper pan. Take that, water!
  2. New feathered, close valley.
  3. The remaining roof areas needed virtually no repairs.



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