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Minnetonka Homeowner Hears the Truth from Roof Cleaning Contractor with Integrity

The Backstory:

It’s not considered bad-mouthing your competition when you don’t name names, right? We were the third company to review this 13 year old cedar shingle roof and provide a cedar cleaning and sealing estimate. By the time I arrived, the client was understandably weary. So far, two companies, two opinions. And now here comes this guy wearing crocks with a big yellow dog in his car. The client had made it pretty clear that if I wasn’t the low bid he was going to go with the second bidder because ‘the guy was nice’. “Dang”, I thought. “I hate competing against nice guys”.

Case Study 39

The Problem:

During the roof inspection I noticed a subtle soft spot in the roof deck at location (1). I asked to climb up in the attic. I immediately saw the result of an ongoing roof leak (2) and (3) that had been doing bad things quietly above the vapor barrier for some time.

Case Study 39.2

I also noted that while the majority of the roof was worth restoring, one section would require replacing after we washed the roof (4). “The nice guy said he’d include 55 shingles in his bid and that’s all my roof needs”, he said. “Fair enough”, I replied, “But this area alone will require about 120 pieces so I’ll have to respectfully disagree” (5). Fifty-Five cedar shingle replacements would have left this roof in pretty lousy condition, not that the client would ever know. I stuck to my guns and told him exactly what he didn’t want to hear. This was a bigger project than he anticipated.

Case Study 39.3

The Solution:

We washed, repaired and preserved this entire roof. We diagnosed and remedied an issue with the skylight flashing that the nice guy didn’t have the experience to find (or integrity to mention). Our estimate for this work was roughly twice what the nice guy’s bid but this job was done right.

Case Study 39.4

Case Study 39.5


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