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Roofing + Design + Carpentry = Happy Client

Roofing Contractor Uses Designers and Carpenters to Help Wayzata Commercial Roofing Client

The Problem:

We had worked on Craig’s residence a few times over the past fifteen years. He invited us to give him a bid on one of his commercial properties. It had a tired cedar shingle roof with dated treatments around each window. He wanted to make the building feel ‘more commercially’ and less pseudo 70’s Colonial. For us it was a simple project involving a few of our guys. He hired us to avoid the design and management headaches of trying to do all of the coordination himself.

Case Study 33

Things to fix:

  1. Dirty white paint on stepped soffits.
  2. 24 yearly cedar shingle roof.
  3. Dated ‘eyebrow’ around each window.
  4. Giant, antiquated light fixtures.

The Plan:

Our designers devised a relative simple and cost effective solution using Hardie panel, plywood and some basic framing. To make sure it was exactly what Craig wanted, we drew it up in detail for his review. We do that frequently.

Case Study 33.3

Case Study 33.4

The Result:

There isn’t another roofing or siding company in the Twin Cities that can match our capabilities from design to specifications to execution.

Case Study 33.2

Our team quickly assembled the plan to:

  1. Repair, prime and paint the soffits.
  2. Replace the roof with heavy asphalt shingles.
  3. Rebuild the window surrounds.
  4. Replace the light fixtures.
  5. Specify all materials and colors.
  6. Design and manage the whole thing.

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