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Ugly Chimneys in Eden Prairie

Clients Chimneys Were Leaking, But at Least They Were Super Ugly

The Problem:

Our Eden Prairie homeowner needed a new cedar shake roof and two chimneys rebuilt. More than a simple chimney rebuild, these babies needed a redesign (thank you 1970’s). The 12” thick lump of concrete originally installed on top just wasn’t going to cut it anymore (A). Yes, they were not good looking, but worse, they allowed water to soak into the stone and into the home because there was not an adequate ‘drip’ (B), which is an overhang to encourage water to miss the walls of the chimney. Replacing the concrete washcaps alone would not have addressed the utilitarian character of these chimneys either. They needed some design (C) help and a team of craftsmen to pull it all together. Enter Kuhl.

Case Study 32

The Solution:

After forming and pouring the new chimney caps (D) we designed and installed the copper chimney shrouds (E). Each chimney shroud accommodates the exact dimensions of the cap beneath as well as the different flue penetrations. We wrapped the copper up and into each clay flue to keep water out of the system completely (F). The resulting chimney treatments look phenomenal from the curb and will keep the home free of leaks for years to come.

Case Study 32.2

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