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Creativity Matters

Remodeling a Bumpout Window With a Bad Leak in Minnetonka

The Problem:

Imagine you have a window bumpout like the one here (below). The builder was running a little thin on his margin so he skimped on a few details. Now 13 years later, you have rotten siding, soggy millwork, and a roof that leaks. Now imagine that for the first time you looked at this feature on the front of your beautiful home and realized not only that it was rotten, but it was ugly too. You could find a roofer to fix the metal roof and then a carpenter to rebuild the bumpout. Or, you could call Kuhl to do it all and redesign a few key elements in the process to add a little more class to your home.

Case Study 28

Things That Make Us Cringe Upon Inspection:

  1. Missing z-flashing above window.
  2. Thin gauge steel roof, rusted through and poorly installed.
  3. Gutters terminated too close to wood resulting in big time rotting.
  4. The overall design felt utilitarian and ‘builder-grade’.
  5. Rotten 1×2’s arranged in a quasi-sunburst pattern.
  6. Steel roof installed short from facia (= more rotting issues).
  7. No kickout flashing (code required, and smart besides.)
  8. Totally rotten panels. And, how hard would it have been to add one more vertical stile to carry the lines of the window mullions through visually? Answer, not hard. It just requires some design experience.

Case Study 28.2


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