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Putting the K Back in Copper

Fixing a Leaking Chimney, Replacing a Cedar Roof

The Problem:

Case Study 27.2

This is the community building owned by an exclusive neighborhood association in Orono. For years different roofers were hired to address the leaking chimney (A), only to ultimately fail in their attempts. Their answer, caulk and tar (B). Here is the pesky leak as seen from the mechanical room of the building (C).

Case Study 27.3

Case Study

The Solution:

We installed a new 24” medium hand-split cedar shake roof (D) and a custom copper box riglet flashing (E) around the perimeter of the chimney. This required a deep kerf cut into the field stone and a few little adjustments to the roof decking around the chimney. Our roofing crew established the smallest box riglet dimensions by drawing plumb lines down from the maximum overhang of each field stone on each side of the chimney. The step tins were installed along those lines as each course of new cedar shakes was installed. Finally, we returned to saw in the top half of the box riglet.

Case Study 27.4

Case Study 27.5

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