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Kickout Flashing Installation in Minneapolis

What is a Kickout Flashing and Why Do I Need One?

The Problem:

For example you have just had your home inspected and someone says you need kickout flashings. With this in mind what exactly is a kickout flashing and what does it do?

Case Study 16

Kickout flashings: Required by Minnesota Building Code, the purpose of a kickout flashing is to direct water off your roof and away from the exterior wall of your home. Depending on your siding and the construction of your home, installing kickout flashings ranges from quite simple to a bit of a challenge. A correctly installed kickout flashing will be installed under the roofing and behind the siding and may require more than one tradesman (as in the case of stucco homes, for example).

Case Study 16.2

Samples of kickout flashings. Top, a kickout flashing installed in a cedar shingle sidewall. Below, a kickout installed in a stucco wall. Notice that one drains into a gutter and the other doesn’t. Both are common in Minneapolis homes.

Case Study 16.3

Case Study 16.4

Here is a sample of a kickout flashing installed into an existing stucco wall. Also this is under a new cedar shake roof in Minnetonka, Minnesota. It is possible to use a ultrasonic saw to carefully kerf into an existing stucco wall in a way that allows one to insert a kickout flashing under certain circumstances. From time to time we may need to remove stucco and patch the area after the kickout is installed.

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