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List of Common Ice Dam Locations on Minneapolis Homes

What is an Ice Dam?

An ice dam is the ridge of ice that forms at the edge of a roof which prevents melting snow from draining as it should. The water that backs up behind the ice dam can leak into the home and cause damage to walls, doors, ceilings, insulation, and other areas. Ice dams usually occur between December 23rd and March 1st in the Minneapolis area.

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Top Nine Areas Where Ice Dams Occur on Minneapolis Homes

  1. Ice dams do not occur over unheated areas such as garages and porches.
  2. The valley areas of dormers frequently get ice dams.
  3. Ice dams often occur both below and above skylights. Ice dams above skylights are hard to see from the ground.
  4. Any openings through the roof – such as pipes and vents – are a good place for ice dams to form.
  5. Valleys are very common areas for ice dam formation. It is important to never use hammers or chisels near valleys.
  6. On roofs with a low pitch (angle) even an 1-2″ ice dam can cause significant leaking and interior damage.
  7. The eave edge is the most common place to see ice dams. 80% of the dams we remove are found here.
  8. Interior rooms with vaulted ceilings are frequently associated with large ice dams. Bathrooms are often the worst.
  9. Ice dams occasionally form around chimneys and furnace flues. Any place heat escapes through the roof line.


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