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At Kuhl’s Contracting, we only do one thing and that is provide excellence in contracting.  From roofing to siding to masonry to ice dam prevention, we focus on excellence in both process and product in the industry.

Roof Installation & Replacement

Few things are more important to your sense of well-being than a cozy, dry home.  Essential to that goal is a watertight roof system.  Functional considerations aside, when you visualize how your home looks from the street guess who stars in a major role?  Yep, your roof. Choosing the right material can be the difference between charm and oops.  Kuhl has people on staff with good taste and many years of experience.  We also have people with terrible taste, but they are not allowed to participate in material selections.

We have installed hundreds of new roofs around the Minneapolis and St.Paul area, including all varieties of cedar, asphalt, metal, tile and slate, each time taking into consideration the greater picture of the home in the design of the roof.  When structural modifications are required, our architect can design the best solution for your budget.  See Kuhl Case Study #33 as one example of how our design and construction skills come in handy.

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Roof Restoration & Repair

The people of Kuhl have been repairing roofs in Minneapolis and surrounding areas for over twenty years. We routinely repair cedar, asphalt, slate, tile and a variety of flat roof systems for both residential and commercial clients. Using the right materials and repair methods is essential but we often find proper inspection and diagnosis is the step frequently overlooked by others (See Kuhl Case Study #17). We are the only company in the Twin Cities that regularly uses an industrial thermal imager to see through walls and roofs to find roof leaks. Other times it comes down to sleuthing around using old-school inspection methods (the classic finger poke, for example). Either way you can’t solve a problem unless it is fully understood.

Perhaps the greatest advantage we bring to our clients is that we are far beyond simple roofers. Let’s face it, roofers tend to find roof problems and frequently water intrusion issues involve more than just the roof. Check out our Kuhl case studies to see what we mean. Beyond our experience in diagnosing the issues we offer a unique blend of skills that allows us to fix anything we find. We enjoy absolute accountability for everything we touch.

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We repair and install many types of siding in the Minneapolis area including wood lap and board and batt, fiber cement such as Hardie, cedar shingle and shake, copper and other types of architectural sheet metal.

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Insurance Work & Inspections

We have experienced on staff experts that can help you navigate through the insurance claims and restoration process.  Most of our work is comprised of fire damage, hail damage, water damage and wind damage.

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We install seamless gutters in both aluminum and steel as well as traditional hand-soldered gutter systems in copper and galvanized steel.

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Masonry & Chimney Repair

Kuhl’s Contracting provides professional masonry services for both residential and commercial projects around the Minneapolis and St. Paul area.  Our experience in both design and construction of quality masonry sets us apart from our competitors.  Whether your project is indoors or outdoors, our masons can install a variety of projects including stone walls, fireplaces, patios and decorative stone accents.

We can work from your plans or help you determine the best design to fit your budget.  In terms of masonry projects, the difference between something stunning and something so-s0 isn’t usually about money.  It’s about creativity.  We are very good at guiding our clients through the maze of material and design possibilities to arrive at the best solution for their home.  Check out Kuhl Case Study #40 to see how we bring a number of our creative skills together, even on small projects.

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We install many different types of insulation systems including blown fiberglass and cellulose, fiberglass batt, rock wool and sprayed urethane.  Our combination of construction experience and energy audit technology makes us a unique resource to people looking to fix the problem right the first time.

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And, we have a wide swath of capabilities when it comes to repairing or replacing the pieces of your home.  We are frequently asked if ‘we do small jobs’.  The short answer is ‘yes’.  When we are really busy we err towards only doing small jobs for existing clients (so they remember how Kuhl we are).  That said, we have developed some great clients over the years that started out as small jobs so we are always open to help.

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