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Custom Fabricated Gutters Custom Fabricated Gutters

Custom Fabricated Gutters

Custom fabricated gutters are used on older homes and buildings where they are meant to be hidden or at least concealed from view.  Many homes in Minneapolis have integrated gutters, built directly into the eaves so as to be invisible from the ground.  It is a stunning albeit expensive solution.

Sheet metal manufacturing technologies developed for World War II factories created the ability to pump out miles of affordable clip-on gutters, resulting directly in a transition for cool, integrated systems to the McSlap-ons that dominate today.  Still though, older structures with existing systems often need repair or replacement and that’s where we come in.  Our sheet metal team often works in concert with our carpenters to rebuild integrated gutter systems to the former glory. Each section of gutter on these projects is hand fabricated and soldered into place for a lasting solution.

Integrated gutters are still used on occasion on high-end homes.  Most of these systems are made of copper.

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