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Roof Inspections

Through his seminars Steve Kuhl has taught hundreds of Minnesota home inspectors, insurance adjusters, builders, and other housing experts the fundamentals of roof inspection and maintenance.  He is our primary inspector in situations where other inspectors are stumped.

In Minneapolis and surrounding areas roof inspections are important to find the following:

1. Roof Leaks – – Water is tricky.  Under most circumstances gravity will give us some clues as to where the origin of a leak may be.  Still, the source of the problem can be quite a distance from where the water manifests inside your home.  Most roof leaks are originate in roof areas where planes intersect, where two dissimilar materials are joined or at various roof penetrations such as vents, skylights and chimneys.  Seldom do leaks occur in the field of a roof where none of the above conditions exist.  Here is a Kuhl Case Study the discusses the most common roof leaks in Minneapolis homes.

2. Ice Dam Roof Damage – -Roof damage caused by ice dam removal is a common problem.  Many homeowners used poor judgment in who they hired, opting for the cheap guy to remove their ice dams.  Bad call.  We have identified dozens of Minneapolis homes with roof damage caused by improper ice dam removal.

3. Hail Damage – – Inspecting roofs for hail damage has become quite an industry of its own.  Everyone is a hail expert when a storm rolls through the Twin Cities (Oh no! Now it’s raining losers!).  The truth is, there are very few true experts in this category.  We happen to be one of them.  Our opinions about hail damage are not shaped by our financial motivations.  This separates us from the vast majority of the ‘experts’ out there.  Our job is to determine what is the objective truth.  Do you have hail damage and if so to what extent?  We employ a former insurance adjuster of 16 years on staff.  His name is Pete.  Between Pete and Steve it’s fair to say that we have serious skills.  If you do have hail damage and your insurance company wants to play games we will not allow them to get away with anything.  Case Study #19 examines the question of what hail damage looks like.  Case Study #20 looks closer at the difference between hail splatter and legitimate hail damage.

Integrity Alert!

Be warned that if you are looking for someone to get your hail claim approved and we don’t find sufficient hail damage to justify said claim we will not be going to bat for you.  Our most precious resource is our integrity and it’s something we hold sacred.  There are better companies to call if you are looking to push a dubious insurance claim through.  We call it like it is, for better or worse.



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