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Flat Roofing in Minneapolis Flat Roofing in Minneapolis

Flat Roofing in Minneapolis

Flat roofs get a bad wrap in Minnesota.  But let’s be fair, they have a hard job.  We use a few different flat roof systems depending on the application.  Sometimes it’s rubber, vinyl, metal or a combination thereof.  The flat roof you chose will depend on a few variables including your budget, the style of your architecture and the visibility of the area in question.

The term flat roof actually applies to a class of roofs that have either slight or no slope.  Minnesota building code prohibits the use of certain materials below a certain slope.  For example, you shouldn’t install asphalt shingles on any roof pitch less the 3/12, or about 14º.

Flat Roof Costs in Minneapolis

Cost Modifiers

The most important factors in determining the cost of the repair or replacement of flat or low pitch roofs in Minneapolis are roof size, complexity and height. Labor can vary greatly because different materials require different installation techniques. Flat roofs come in a variety of colors and thicknesses making the potential cost range from the low to high end quite broad. For example, a .45mil standard epdm (rubber) will be on the cheap end where a .90mil reinforced epdm will cost a fair amount more. Frequently we are tying flat roof systems into integrated drainage systems such as scuppers and open-face down spouts. These costs need to be included in calculating the overall cost of your project.

Flat Roof Replacement Costs

Let’s say you have a typical 30 square, 1/12 pitch Flat roof that needs replacing. What is the potential cost range for such a roof? Answer, $21,000 to $36,000 (30 x $700-1,200). This assumes you use a quality grade flat roof material with the recommended underlayment, which realistically will cost $275 to $800 per square. There is a wide cost spectrum among the flat roof products available so budget is a key consideration in determining what to use. If we are repairing your flat roof the existing material will be matched as closely as possible.

Flat Roof Pros and Cons in Minneapolis


  1. Good at reconciling odd roof areas and low slope zones
  2. Initial installation cost can be modest


  1. Will result in headaches if not installed properly
  2. Occasionally difficult to find and fix leaks

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