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Flashing Repair Flashing Repair

Flashing Repair

Flashing is a term thrown around in the trades to generally describe a water-proof material, usually plastic, sheet metal or rubberized membrane, used to connect two dissimilar materials, components or planes on the exterior of a building.  “Waterproofing” is another way to define flashing.  Whatever you call it, flashing is a critical element in the construction of any building or home.  Flashing errors and flashing failures are a big source of business for contractors because when they aren’t working well bad things often follow.  Kuhl Case Study #14 looks at the top 18 causes of leaking roofs in Minneapolis, a number of which are flashing related.

Flashings are sometimes visible to the casual observer while other times they are hidden beneath other materials.  Here are some of the most common flashing areas we address on homes and building in the Minneapolis area:

  1. Where pipes like plumbing and heating stacks pass through roofs and exterior walls.
  2. Where windows and doors are connected to openings in exterior walls.
  3. Where exterior walls and roofs me (dormers, for example).
  4. At the intersection of roof slopes (at valleys or other slope changes)
  5. Around all other penetrations through roofs (skylights, roof vents, chimneys, etc.)
  6. Flat roof perimeters and connections.

Here are some Kuhl Case Studies on the topic of flashing:

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