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Orono Cedar Roof Installation, Cedar Roof Cleaning, Cedar Repair & Restoration

For over 30 years Kuhl’s Contracting has been cleaning, restoring and repairing cedar roofs in Orono. Over this time we have asserted ourselves as Minnesota’s foremost cedar experts. If you are looking for a reliable expert to inspect your Orono home’s cedar roof, give us a call or shoot us an email. Put simply, there is no one that knows more about cedar shake and shingle roofs that Steve Kuhl. That’s why he is trusted by both the ASHI and MHSI Home Inspector Organizations as their only instructor on the topic. Professional inspections lead to professional results. Every project begins with a roof inspection by Steve Kuhl, who is a HAAG certified cedar roof expert. We will give you the most thorough, expert analysis of your roof you will receive. Period.

Cedar Roof Related Services Offered By Kuhl’s Contracting in Orono:

  • Orono Cedar Roof Inspections
  • Orono New Cedar Roof Installations
  • Orono Cedar Roof Repair and Shake Replacement
  • Orono Cedar Roof Washing and Restoration
  • Orono Cedar Animal Damage Repair

More About our Cedar Roof Services:

Orono Cedar Roof Installations

Kuhl’s Contracting performs more cedar roof installations in Orono and the surrounding areas than any other company in Minnesota. We aren’t simply guys who do the occasional cedar roof installation. We do a ton of it, in particular in Orono.

New Cedar Roof Installation

Orono Cedar Roof Repair & Shake Replacement

We regularly compete against companies that ‘inspect’ roofs when you are not home, inspect roofs from the ground, have no professional roofing experience and use generic repair allowances as a part of their estimates. We are a true roof restoration contractor with the experience to diagnose and repair anything we find and our repair proposal for your home is based on our professional inspection.

Here are the goals of our roof repairs on your Orono home's roof:

  1. Eliminate areas where moisture may get into your home.
  2. Address areas where the underlying roofing felt is exposed and therefore likely to fail in the future.
  3. Prevent animals from entering your home.

We will repair your roof in accordance with the highest industry standards using #1 Blue Label cedar shakes and shingles. Our repairs will be performed by professional roofers. All repair line items are detailed on the Estimate for your approval.

The purpose of all of the wood on your roof is not to provide water proofing but to protect the felt, which in turn keeps your home dry. Therefore, maintaining the wood and repairing exposed areas of felt is the ultimate goal of the wood restoration process, which includes washing, repairs and wood preservation. Our criteria for shake replacements is quite specific. We will be replacing cedar that is cracked, rotten or missing, depending on the degree to which the underlying felt is exposed. We have provided an estimated count for those repairs on the final page of this report. Our estimate for the piece replacements on each roof is a specific number resulting from our professional inspection. We will be removing each piece carefully, using a special tool called an ‘ripper’, so that the entire old piece and its nails/staples are removed before inserting the new piece. We will use material that matches or exceeds the character and quality of the current roof, with #1 Blue Label Certified cedar as a baseline assumption in all projects. The new cedar shakes will be installed using the blind nailing method. While face nailing is faster, it is unwise as it creates a new path for water to travel into your roof decking by driving a nail straight through the face of the shake. Although face nailing is not a code-approved method of shake installation, many companies use it to save time and money.

Learn More About Cedar Shake Repair & Replacement for your Orono Home

Orono Cedar Roof Cleaning & Restoration

We have been restoring and repairing cedar shake and shingle roofs since 1988. Since then we have amassed a long list of happy clients in the greater Twin Cities area. We can typically add years to the life of the average cedar roof through our process.

We will pressure wash your roof to remove all organic material including moss, lichen, algae and tree materials. We always have two men on our wash crew. Many competitors only have one. Not only does the work take twice as long, we believe this is dangerous as it is always good to have a partner near by during roof restoration work. Roof washing typically occurs over the course of one to two days. Other than the cosmetic benefits, washing your roof is done to prepare it to accept our commercial wood preservative. Our workers have washed hundreds of cedar roofs and are trained directly by Steve Kuhl, a veteran of the roof washing industry in Minnesota.

Cleaning a cedar roof can be a very messy job. After your roof is washed we clean up your property using vacuums, pressure washers, brooms, rakes, and blowers to remove job debris. If your home has gutters we will be cleaning them while we wash your cedar roof. Depending on when you last had your gutters cleaned there may be a lot of organic muck and debris in them. Our goal is to leave as little debris behind as possible. We spend between 2-4 hours in the clean up phase of our average job.

Cedar Roof Wash, Restore and Preserve

Orono Animal Damage Repair

We discover and repair a large variety of problems on our clients roofs during the course of a standard cedar restoration project. Our repairs are performed by professional roofers and carry a guaranty of between 5 and 10 years, depending on the nature of the repairs.

Cedar Roof Animal Damage Repair

Orono Cedar Roof Sealing & Preservation

Wood preservation is the final and arguably most important step in the wood roof restoration process because it is aimed directly at enhancing the remaining integrity of the cedar that stands between the elements and your home. The ultimate goal of applying wood preservatives to cedar, be it on your siding or your roof, is to augment the natural oils and resins in the wood so it has greater resistance to rot and decay. Of course another clear benefit to preserving a cedar roof is that it looks fantastic and will remain attractive for years to come.

We will apply one generous coat of commercial wood preservative to your entire roof (unless otherwise specified). This application will occur over the course of one day for most homes. Our wood preservative will be applied under conditions that will maximize its absorption and long-term effectiveness.

Cedar Roof Sealing & preservation

If you need an established roofing contractor with expertise in cedar roofs in and around Orono , contact Kuhl’s Contracting.

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