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Why Use Kuhl?

People choose to use Kuhl for a number of reasons.  Sure, we’ve been around since the 80’s and we have a long list of happy clients.  Blah, blah, blah.  While those things are important it really comes down to if you like apples or oranges.  Neither is inherently better than the other, nor is one right and the other wrong.  The same thing applies to comparisons made between Kuhl and other companies.

You + Kuhl = Love?

Visual person?  Check out a few of the Kuhl Case Studies to understand the difference between us and them.  Using photos and drawings, these short narratives illustrate some of the advantages we bring to the table.

Another way of understand Kuhl is to see the underlying motivation for every job we do.  Put simply, our goal is to work for you for the rest of our lives.  We look at the first job we do for you as just that, the first.  Call us greedy but we want to work for you forever (assuming you’re not mean).  That vision shapes every aspect of our humble company, from the way we answer the phone, to how we communicate, to how we randomly check in on our work years after completion.  We prove through our deeds how important you are to us.  Just ask our clients.

Free with every purchase…

Here are a few key benefits you receive when you hire us:
  1. Kuhl’s Contracting operates as an independent exteriors company apart from the larger, highly awarded Kuhl Design+Build and yet benefits from the collective construction experience and resources KDB brings to the table.  There isn’t another restoration and construction company in Minnesota that has the depth of our bench when it comes to our talent and capabilities.
  2. Steve Kuhl has a vast amount of experience residential construction, maintenance and design.  Through his seminars Steve Kuhl has taught hundreds of home inspectors, insurance adjusters, realtors, and other housing experts the fundamentals of cedar roof inspection and maintenance. His expert opinion is used frequently in legal arbitrations to settle lawsuits. This is the experience we bring to every home we work on because Steve Kuhl personally inspects each one.
  3. Unlike many of our competitors, we understand the elements of your home–your roof, your siding, your chimney, your gutters–do not exist in a vacuum.  They are a part of the greater whole that is your home.  We should no more view your roof as separate from your gutters as we should your foot from your ankle. The exterior envelop of your home is a unified, functional system and all of its parts are inter-related.  Hire a roofer and you will get a roofer’s opinion.  Hire a mason and you’ll get a masons perspective.  And so it is with hiring any particular trade.  What we offer is over twenty years of general contracting experience plus the benefits of specializing in a few key areas.

Who usually doesn’t pick Kuhl?

The truth is we are not right for everyone.  We don’t take it personally.   Here are some things we are not good at:

  1. Being the cheapest company in town.
  2. One night stands.
  3. Being the biggest company in town.

If those attributes are your highest ranking criteria for who you hire, we are probably not the best team for you.  Click Here for those guys.

And you thought you would never use a Venn Diagram again…

You have probably heard of the age old business axiom that describes the relationship among price, service and quality.  See Venn Diagram (right).  Basic economic law dictates that consumers may only have two of the three.  For example, one can’t have the very best car from the dealer with the best service at the lowest price.

Because we never compromise on our high level of service we have simplified the puzzle. Our approach to projects revolves around a team mentality.  We are all on the same team, specifically.  You only need to let us know where you fall on the price/quality spectrum.  We will do the rest.  We are capable of installing more affordable materials at a lower price or the very finest materials at a higher price.  At the end of the day our goal is to earn an honest living while also earning your loyalty, trust and satisfaction.  It’s that simple.

Our clients usually enjoy seeing a few of options so they can make the best decision for themselves so we frequently present good, better, best project designs and budgets.

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