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CANDOR ALERT:  One of my favorite privileges as the owner of this company is that I get to speak in my own voice about how we do business.  As a result this site is a direct expression how we roll as professional contractors.  On a side note, if you would like to see my first published project, Click Here.  I’m sort of a big deal.

-Steve Kuhl, Owner

Our Expertise

Since 1987 Kuhl’s Contracting has been serving the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas with quality in roofing, siding, masonry, chimney repairs, gutters and more.  Something you can expect in a job done by us is our respect. We respect the fact that we are working on one of the more important investments in your world.  Customer satisfaction through quality work is the bottom line at Kuhl and has been since the inception of our company.  Ask these people.

Our Team

Forgive us, but our people are Kuhl.  We love what we do and it shows, from the way we answer our phones to how we assemble our proposals to the way we professionally destroy and then rebuild whatever you ask of us.  We have staff on hand to deal with just about any construction need. For the things we don’t address in-house we rely on a small stable of tested vendors and sub-contractors to help out.  Top to bottom, the Kuhl team is a solid group of people.

Our Results

If you’ve ever studied home construction or building science you understand the important connection among the different systems.  Water in the basement can lead to rotten roof framing; strange but true.  A sagging foundation can make windows less efficient.  On and on.  Our circle of talent is wide, which means that we never look at things through blinders.  Our work reflects this truth.  We not only provide quality workmanship, we provide the more rare service of seeing the big picture with everything we do.

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