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Minneapolis, MN: Roofing, Chimney Repair & Home Exteriors

Kuhl’s Contracting and Kuhl Design Build have worked in Minneapolis, Minnesota for over 25 years as experts in roofing, remodeling and storm damage repairs. In that time we have developed hundreds of lasting relationships with Minneapolis homeowners as their trusted storm damage contractor. Check out our galleries to see all of the Minneapolis roofs we have replaced as the result of wind and hail damage. But we are far more than the best Minneapolis wind and hail damage contractor, we are also experts in the insurance process. We have worked through hundreds and hundreds of storm damage insurance claims for our Minneapolis clients. Most of the insurance claim storm damage work we do in Minneapolis relates to hail and wind damage, but some pertains to tree damage, floods and fires.

Minneapolis Architecture & Houses

The architecture of Minneapolis homes follows that of other surrounding Twin Cities communities in many regards. Cape cod, Colonial, ramblers, Tudors and modern day classics adorn the Minneapolis landscape. The specific area in Minneapolis determines largely what style of home one sees. There are older areas with classic architectural styles, mid-century areas with many ramblers and areas more recently developed with large contemporary homes. Minneapolis homes are almost all traditionally stick-framed structures with a combination of fiberglass batt and cellulose insulation systems, making them more prone to heat loss and ice dam formation.

Construction assemblies and materials that are common to Minneapolis are also common in other Twin City neighborhoods. For example, roofs in Minneapolis are typically asphalt shingles or cedar shakes, with the random slate or metal roof. Probably 90% of the roofs in Minneapolis are asphalt shingle, with the other 10% being comprised of cedar, slate metal and other materials. Minneapolis roof styles include hip roofs, gable roofs, mansard roofs, flat roofs and the occasional gambrel roof.

If you live in Minneapolis, the most successful plan for extending the life of your roof is to keep a regular schedule and do some very basic things. In the case of all Minneapolis roofs, with the exception of slate, it is wise to send a professional up on the roof twice a year.

Minneapolis Roof Maintenance Checklist:

  1. Review its’ condition including flashings, skylights and general appearance
  2. Note any damage or areas of concern and give an estimate for repairs
  3. Use a blower to remove any debris from the roof (leaves, pine needles, etc..)
  4. Review the drainage off the roof including valleys and gutters

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