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Insurance Claims Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims

Insurance Related Claims

Do you have storm damage? Or water damage resulting from an ice dam or storm? Whatever the case, if you are going to involve your insurance company in a home repair project, you really should involve a company like Kuhl in the process. We can be a powerful advocate for a homeowner not only during the insurance claim process itself, but also in the restoration process for your home repairs.

The Claim Process:

How does it usually work?

The first step. Call your insurance agent and discuss the damage. More than likely your insurance company will send out an adjuster to assess the damage. That adjuster will take photos, measurements and notes on all affected areas and provide you with a detailed report and estimate for repairs. Often done on the spot, the adjuster might even write you a check for a portion of the repairs with the remaining balance coming once the repairs have been made and documented.

Believe it or not your insurance company does not always act in your best interest. While they might write a check to help cover the damages, often times it isn’t enough. Plus the process of settling a claim can stretch out for weeks or even months.

Early on in the insurance claim process it is quite beneficial to involve a company like Kuhl who has experience in the insurance restoration process. See below for more details on why you’d want Kuhl’s help.

Top 5 Reasons to Involve Kuhl in your Insurance Restoration Claim


  1. Kuhl is a local, well-known Minneapolis/St. Paul company and has been around for 25+ years.  We have been around because we stand by our work and are well respected. Check out our websites ( and ( to view our testimonials. Or, give us a call, and we can provide you with a list of references. People like us.
  2. Kuhl can act as an advocate on your behalf. We can make sure that the scope of your project is accurately defined by the adjuster, to ensure that you are getting an equal value in terms of the quality, durability and integrity of the materials, finishes and labor that were original to your home.  In essence, restoring your house as closely to it’s original condition prior to the damage.
  3. We have done this before. Steve Kuhl has over 20 years experience writing restoration estimates and dealing with insurance companies.
  4. As with all remodel/construction related projects, there are often items that are hidden or unforeseen. These types of unforeseen damages or hidden items are more difficult to get covered by insurance once work has begun and a scope has been agreed upon. Kuhl has been in the construction business for a long time. So there are seldom items that we do not account for or miss with our inspections. If for some reason there is something that is missed by Kuhl and the insurance company, we know how to handle it. We will work on your behalf to inform the adjuster immediately, complete a re-inspection and have them make necessary changes or adjustments to the scope to ensure that hidden items are accounted for and added to the scope as necessary.
  5. Kuhl has architects, designers, managers, and carpenters on staff. When you employ Kuhl’s Contracting, we have a wide variety of resources to offer through our sister company Kuhl Design+Build. Let’s say your roof is damaged by hail and you’ve been paid to put on a new roof. You’ve also been dreaming of doing a little upstairs remodeling – perhaps adding a dormer, putting a bathroom upstairs, making a master suite. Sometimes an insurance project might offer the perfect opportunity to do larger projects that you’ve been saving up for or putting off. This is not to say that the insurance company will pay for your addition, but because there are carpenters and other crews onsite already, there are certain costs and hassles that can be decreased and efficiencies attained by coupling these together. Kuhl has the resources for larger projects. We can even help you dream them up and design them.

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