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Versatility of Thermal Imaging: Finding Cat Pee

Yesterday I was in a client’s home doing a routine thermal inspection when I started to notice wet spots all over the basement floor. I immediately thought they were leaks coming from plumbing in the ceiling. A quick thermal image of the ceiling ruled that out. After scratching my head for a bit I walked around a corner and saw the litter box, which looked like it hadn’t been used in months. It reminded me of this piece of classic literature. While the cat was scolded, I was dodging land mines and trying to finish my thermal inspection.

Thernal Imaging

Cat pee on foor

Add it to the list of things you can do with a thermal imager. Not only can you find inefficiencies in your home’s thermal envelope, but you can also check to see if your baby needs a diaper change.

Thermal Imaging – because its a lot better than sniffing around the floor on your hands and knees.

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