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Minneapolis ice dam prevention

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Ice dam prevention contractor in Minneapolis

The best solution to ice dams in Minnesota is holistic. Because ice dams in Minneapolis are the result of a complex interaction among many variables, including insulation, ventilation, roofing, home architecture, climate and homeowner lifestyle, the answer to each ice dam problem is always unique to the case. Some ice dam prevention is as simple as adding insulation, or heat cables. But simplicity in the ice dam prevention world is the exception, not the rule. More often we have to employ a multifaceted approach. In this case, our client suffered through year after year of ice dams, despite having hired an insulation contractor on two separate occasions to ‘fix’ the problem. Our answer was to remove the asphalt shingles from the problematic roof pitch and insulate from above using high-performance spray foam to address the ice dam problem. When we tear off the roof and the roof deck we are able to see and address every possible variable that is creating the problem. From sealing all air leaks to adding ventilation in tight soffits to applying spray foam to the areas too tight to benefit from traditional fiberglass insulation, ice dam prevention in Minneapolis is best handled from above. After all of the underlying causes of the ice dam problems have been resolved, we install new roof decking and follow it up with the highest quality ice and water membrane sold. Ice and water membrane is a code-required, sticky material applied in rolls to the lower eave areas to help prevent water intrusion as the result of ice dams. Notice that I said ‘help prevent’ and not ‘prevent’ alone. Ice and water membrane manufactures will not publicly admit this but their products don’t prevent water intrusion from ice dams. They slow it down at best. That said, it’s a smart idea–and a code requirement–to install this membrane on the lower eave areas (and a few others) during the re-roof process.

We offer a unique perspective on ice dam prevention in Minneapolis. There are plenty of companies that remove ice dams, including our sister company ( There are insulation companies, roofing companies, electricians who wire heat cable systems and so on. We are the only company that does all of the above under one roof (pun intended). I published an article in the Journal of Light Construction on ice dams a couple of years ago. Here it is if you would like to geek out on that topic. Note: The diagram below shows one of many approaches to addressing ice dams. It does not detail many of the other variables that would need to be addressed, such as the insulation and air-sealing of the knee wall to floor intersection or the insulation and ventilation of the roof framing above the area detailed in the illustration. Again, ice dam prevention is seldom as simple as applying a single fix. It’s normally about using a number of solutions at once.

Ice dam prevention using insulation contractor kuhls contracting minneapolis

Ice dam prevention using insulation contractor Kuhl’s Contracting Minneapolis

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