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Cooling Tower Ice Removal – Minneapolis

Ice dam removal in the Twin Cities has been all but non-existent this season. That’s good news for most homeowners! Ice removal on the commercial side of the universe seems to be a more consistent problem year to year and this season was no exception. The calls we typically get involve removing ice from around cooling towers or cooling units on roofs. These projects offer some interesting challenges including the fact that the work area is usually high and far away from the nearest parking. Our sister company, The Ice Dam Company, uses steamers to remove ice from around industrial cooling towers. Their machines have hundreds of feet of hose and yet even that is not enough for some jobs. The answer is to use a crane to get the steaming equipment up onto the roof of the building. Other challenges in ice removal from around industrial equipment include the fact that there are usually 440 volt power feeds and natural gas lines embedded in the ice. Steam is a great way to remove ice from around industrial equipment for the reason that it is gentle and quick.

Commercial ice removal

Ice removed from cooling tower

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