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Blending New Cedar Shakes With Old

Minneapolis Cedar Roof Expert Gives Examples of Cedar Roof Repairs

We are often asked about how cedar shake repairs will look compared to the surrounding roof. Here are a bunch of examples of projects where we repaired cedar shake roofs and the differing degrees color variation between new and old cedar materials. If a near match is your goal, you may consider having your roof washed.

  1. Unwashed 19 year old shake roof with fresh repairs.
  2. 13 year old shake roof with area repair two years after installation.
  3. Washed 17 year old shake roof with many repairs.
  4. Washed shake roof with new repairs.
  5. Unwashed 15 year old shake roof with repairs.
  6. Washed 16 year old shake roof with repairs.
  7. 14 year old roof with small area washed. Note how the repairs blend differently in the washed and unwashed areas.

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