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Animals in Minneapolis Roof Vents, Part One

How to Keep Birds, Bats, Mice and Squirrels Out of Your Home

The Problem:

If you have lousy roof vents, don’t feed bad. About 60% of the roofs in Minneapolis that we inspect do. There are three common types of crappy roof vents in Minnesota:

  1. Plastic turtle-style (A)
  2. Plastic louvered (B)
  3. Non-louvered metal vents (C)

Case Study 43

Case Study 43.2

We took a typical plastic roof vent to a band saw and sliced it in half. (Yes, we are geeks). Here are the fatal flaws that exposed within:

Case Study 43.3

  • Design allows animals to crawl under the hood and onto the screen where they either nest or enter the home.
  • Layer of screen is made of lightweight aluminum. Animals chew through it was ease.

The Solution:

The solution to animals getting into an attic through cheesy roof vents is to replace them all with metal, louvered vents. Most homes have an average of 9-14 vents on the roof. Even if only one or two of you existing vents have critter problems you must replace every vent on the roof if you want to solve the problem.

Case Study 43.5

Case Study 43.6

Up close look at the metal louvers

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