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Two Ways of Sealing Recessed Lights

Save on Heating Bills and Reduce the Likelihood of Ice Dams in the Twin Cities

There are two ways of sealing recessed lights and there are advantages and disadvantages of both.

Sealing Recessed Lights

Case Study 45.2


  • Cheap and fast
  • Blocks warm from leaking through the gap between the fixture body and the ceiling drywall.


  • Does not address the heat loss generated by the fixture or the air leaking through other perforations in the body of the fixture.

Boxing & Sealing Recessed Lights

When a recessed light is Boxed and Sealed the entire fixture is encased in a box of insulation and sealed to the drywall.

Case Study 45


  • Prevents heat loss and all warm air leakage around the recessed fixture.


  • Not easy to implement in tight areas and is more expensive than simple air sealing.



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