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But I just need my roof washed…

Cedar Roof Cleaning Expert Rescues Excelsior Homeowner from Other ‘Expert’

The Backstory:

Upon the advice of her realtor, our client hired a roof washing franchise to wash her cedar shake roof. She was about to put her house on the market and a moss-free roof would be a nice touch. The company she hired specialized in cedar roof cleaning so it was a perfect match. Problem is, because these guys earn all their money washing roofs, they tend to think every roof is worth washing. And while they were 85% correct in this case, the 15% that wasn’t worth washing got ugly, quick (See below image: 1). The moment these guys started washing they must have realized the error of their ways so they did their best to take off the biggest chunks of moss while not trashing the roof. The outcome was not pretty.

Case Study 23

She fired them shortly after they wrecked the garage roof. Her builder suggested using Kuhl as a resource to wash (hopefully) the rest of her roof and fix the cedar roof on the garage.

The Outcome:

Case Study 23.2

Our professional, on-staff roofers replaced the garage before we washed, repaired and preserved the remaining roof areas.

We replaced the garage roof with a hand-split shake to match the remaining roof. We then used a larger orifice tip in our washers to reduce the pressure delivered onto the remaining roof areas. Adjusting pressure and volume settings is something we do frequently to accommodate every roof, because they are all different. We also tell clients when washing some or all of their cedar roof is a bad idea, regardless of the impact on our bottom line. In the long run it’s really smart business.

Case Study 23.3

Before and after cedar roof cleaning, repairing and preservation. This roof was 17 years old.

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