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Solve the Mystery Leak

A Leaking Home Gets Fixed for Good

The Backstory:

Our clients, homeowners in Eden Prairie, had a mysterious water spot on the ceiling of their dining room. It clearly was related to rain because there was no plumbing in the vicinity and the damage appeared after one of those long, soaking storms. Their original builder offered to come out and take a look and he found what he thought was the problem in a few minutes, that the leak was originating around one of two roof vents near the peak of the roof (1 and 2 in below photo). We were asked to render our opinion the next day. The problem was easy to find and it had nothing to do with the vents.

Case Study 22

The builder made a common mistake: he flipped the lights on in the attic so he could do the best inspection possible. Seems logical enough. But we have learned it is always smart to take some time in the dark up there to see things otherwise hidden. In this case, the hidden thing was a small hole chewed in the roof between the two vents (f’ing squirrels!). A visual inspection of the roof confirmed this assessment. Dork alert: We took this excellent photo of the hole by holding our camera against a framing member on leaving the shutter open for a long exposure. Not that we are geeks about this sort of thing. But seriously, how cool is that photo?

Case Study 22.2

Case Study 22.3

The Solution:

The solution was a rather cheap repair to the ridge of this medium hand-split cedar shake roof. Now, keeping the squirrels off the roof is another matter altogether.

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