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Guess why many people consider gutters to be ugly?  Because it’s true.  Most gutters are ugly.  But it’s not entirely their fault.  After all, gutters tend to be a second thought for many builders and home owners alike.  When your home was built the gutter spec probably read something like “White gutters on back”, or something as equally vague.  We believe gutter systems deserve a little more thought because if done correctly they can enhance the character of a home while keeping water away from your foundation.

Gutters are a really smart thing in Minnesota. But not all systems are created equal.  Stylistic differences make some gutters more appropriate for some homes.  Performance adds another variable to consider.  The Kuhl team has installed miles of gutters over the years, ranging from standard five inch seamless aluminum to six inch half round copper to site-bent integrated gutters.

Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters represent the vast majority of the product installed in the Twin Cities.  The name seamless is a bit of a misnomer because these systems do technically have seams at the inside and outside corners and occasionally elsewhere.  We call these systems ‘seamless’ because we roll the sections on site so as to avoid seams in the middle of each run.

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Half Round Gutters

Half-round gutters are installed on higher end homes or homes with certain historic character.  These gutters are more appropriate for homes with canted facia or exposed rafter tails with open eaves (not to be geeky about it).  Half-round gutters cost more but there’s no question that they are gorgeous when installed right.

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Gutter Design

From using an inappropriate size gutter or downspout to ill-considered downspout placement to finish and color mistakes, Minneapolis offers a wide spectrum of cringe-worthy gutter jobs.  Our perspective is that if you need to have gutters, as many of us do, why not make them as attractive as possible by taking a little extra time with the details?  Design happens to be one of our strong suits so let us help you make the best looking, highest performing gutter system possible for your budget.

Costs Associated with Gutters

There are a few key factors in determining the cost of gutters in Minneapolis. Pricing will range 20-30% from one contractor to the next for the same material, with some using higher standards for the general installation than others in addition to applying longer warranties.  Logistic factors in determining the price of gutters include site access, complexity of the job, material selection and of course how high the work is.

Leaf Protection  & Gutter Debris Screens

We have experimented over the years with a number of gutter debris management systems.  Generally speaking, there are three basic classes of such products: Shrouds, screens and filters.  We have used all three but have learned some valuable lessons about the pros and cons of each.  We have yet to discover the perfect solution to leaves and debris in gutters in Minneapolis and therefore usually recommend different systems for different homes.

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