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Half Round Gutters Half Round Gutters

Half Round Gutters

Half Round Gutters

Half-round gutters are installed on higher end homes or homes with certain historic character.  Note that they are frequently installed on newer homes who aspire to be high-end or historic but are neither, but that’s another story. Half-round, or semi-circular gutters are more appropriate for homes with canted facia or exposed rafter tails with open eaves (not to be geeky about it). Although half-round gutters cost more there’s no question they are gorgeous when installed professionally on the right home.

Copper Half Round

If you are looking to install the last gutter system you will ever need, install a copper gutter.  Sure, it’s wildly expensive compared to seamless aluminum at nearly 8 times the cost but installed by the right company these babies will last longer than you and perhaps the next people to own your home.  Where many aluminum and steel gutter systems detract from the appearance of a home, copper gutters usually enhance the character while adding much needed water management.

We seldom recommend installing 5″ systems accept for on the smallest, low pitch roofs.  Larger slopes tend to overwhelm 5″ gutters quickly when heavy rains happen and that’s the last thing you want after spending a small fortune new copper gutters.  6″ copper gutters are the most common copper gutter in Minneapolis for this reason.

Galvanized Half Round

If you are looking to have historically appropriate gutters but don’t want to drop the dough on copper, you might consider galvanized half round systems.  Like with copper gutters, we hand-solder all joints and seams with the galvanized gutters we install.  That, in fact, is one of the primary advantages of galvanized steel and copper gutter systems over aluminum.  In other words, we are not relying on caulk to seal things.  We are soldering each piece of metal directly to the other.  That makes for an extremely strong joint.

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