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Metal Roof Replacement Metal Roof Replacement

Metal Roof Replacement


We fabricate and install flat seam and standing seam metal roofs on both residential and commercial properties in the Minneapolis – St.Paul areas.  Metal roofing is truly a specialty craft, employing some basic technologies that have hundreds of years of proven history.  Think hot irons, sticks of solder and dirty fingers.  Aside from being both a beautiful and durable material, metal roofing is unique in its ability to blend appropriately with any other roofing material.  You will often see  sections of metal roof blended into asphalt, cedar, tile and slate roofs and it feels right.  We have used an increasing amount of copper for our work in the past few years as the material costs have become more affordable.

We frequently use metal roofing to adorn certain features such as bay windows and porticos and turn around and use the same material to address a low-slope section hidden up high.  In terms of aesthetics and performance, sheet metal roofing is the only material that can be used on flat, low-slope and high-slope areas.  Case Study #25 looks into a very common roof leak we diagnose and fix in Minneapolis.  Finding and repairing leaks in metal roof systems is often easier that other systems too.  Just one reason we love metal.

Metal Roof Costs in Minneapolis

Cost Modifiers

The most important factors in determining the cost of the repair or replacement of metal roofs in Minneapolis are roof size, complexity, roof slope and height. Labor will vary greatly depending on the material and design of the chosen system. Having a smaller yet still important affect on price are the number off penetrations and accessories such as chimneys, skylights, stacks and vents. Metal roofs come in a variety of colors, materials and thicknesses making the potential cost range from the low to high end quite broad. Where asphalts roofs can be installed to almost disappear as an element in the exterior design, metal roofs usually make a stronger architectural statement. Therefore, aesthetic considerations are very important when choosing a metal roof because this material is simply not appropriate for certain homes.

Metal Roof Replacement Costs

Let’s say you have a typical 30 square, 9/12 pitch standing seam metal roof that needs replacing.  What is the potential cost range for such a roof?  Answer, $21,000 to $48,000 (30 x $700-1,600).  This assumes you use enameled standing seam panels with the recommended underlayment, which realistically will cost  $350 to $1,100 per square (material), resulting in a range of about $750 per square for material costs.  So your particular choice of material will affect the final job total for no more than $22,500 (30 square  x $750).  There is a wide cost spectrum among the metal roof products available so budget is a key consideration in determining what to use.  We will help you figure out what metal roof is best for your home and your budget.

Metal Roof Pros and Cons in Minneapolis


  1. Provides excellent longevity
  2. Strong visual appeal
  3. More snow and ice resistant than other roof materials


  1. High initial installation cost
  2. Lighter gauges may be damaged by strong hail

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