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When glancing at a home from the exterior, the home’s siding or exterior cladding, is one of the first things you will notice. Your eye is drawn to the color, the texture, the profile, the architectural lines, and the installation of the siding. Along with the roof, the siding essentially defines your house, and gives it its character.

There are many types of siding. There are different material types, different styles, different installation techniques, different price points, etc. Each type of siding has pros and cons.

There are a lot of factors that need to be considered when determining the right siding for your house.


How much will the materials cost? How much will the installation cost? Will this add value to the house in terms of resale? Are there other costs associated with this material – environmental?


How long will this product last? Will it stand up storm damage? Fire? Will it stand up to insects? Rot? Salt? The elements?


How does the product look? Is it appropriate for the age, style, location of the house? Does it come in different colors? Will it stand out or look like everyone else’s home? Does it look cheap quality? Does it look authentic or fake? Natural or synthetic?


Is there maintenance required by the siding material to ensure longevity? Do you have to wash? Repaint?  Make repairs periodically? How often will I actually have to touch it?  Can the homeowner do the maintenance or do they need a professional? What is the average maintenance cost?

 Your Siding Project

If you need a siding estimate and would like help in determining the right siding for your home, call Kuhl. We have architects and designers on staff as well as carpenters and installers that can help weigh in on the pros and cons of each siding type, and help to determine which siding is right for your home.

The three most common types of siding that Kuhl uses?

  1. Cedar siding installation (click here for more information on cedar siding)
  2. Hardie Board installation or fiber cement siding installation (click here for more information on Hardie siding)
  3. Stone siding installation or brick siding installation (click here for more information on stone or brick siding)

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