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Brick & Stone Siding Brick & Stone Siding

Brick & Stone Siding

There is no doubt that stone of brick siding provides a more earthy, natural look than any other siding material. Generally, stone and brick siding are more expensive up front, but require less maintenance over time. Stone and brick siding are incredibly durable and if maintained periodically, can last a lifetime. If you can get over the initial sticker shock, stone or brick siding is one of the best, most unique, long-lasting, and beautiful siding choices available.

Stone or Brick Siding – Cost Modifiers

Other than the material selection, the biggest cost drivers in the repair or replacement of Stone or Brick siding in Minneapolis are the size of the house, complexity of the structure, height of house and number of penetrations (pipes, electrical, exterior lighting, windows and doors, etc.). These cost modifiers are somewhat similar, no matter what the type of siding.

Stone or Brick Siding Pros and Cons in Minneapolis


  1. Durable. Won’t rot, or fade with exposure to the elements. Is not susceptible to fire or storm damage.
  2. Because of durability, it may result in lower home insurance premiums.
  3. Incredibly long lasting (more than fiber cement, wood, vinyl, steel).
  4. Low maintenance levels.
  5. Stone siding is natural, it is incredibly unique. Brick siding offers incredible variety of selections.


  1. High material and installation costs. Some of the highest out there.
  2. Susceptible to the freeze/thaw cycle. Annual visual inspection recommended.
  3. Difficult to install. Need actual professional. Takes time and is an art form.

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