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Windows & Doors

Is there a chill in your house that’s not your spouse?

If you are like most homeowners you could benefit from some window and door attention (See Kuhl Case Study #17 about a simple roofing mistake that ended up causing window damage).  Window replacement is a great option if you have the money, otherwise some strategic maintenance can help quite a bit.  Either way we are your team.  We perform everything from basic window and door repairs to full replacements to the alteration of opening size and location in load bearing walls.  We are a lot more than a replacement company if you need us to be because we have the built-in horsepower to handle anything we come across.  And when it comes to old homes those skills save you both time and money.

If your windows or doors are beyond maintenance, unit replacement can be one of the best home improvement investments out there.  Aside from the obvious cosmetic benefits new windows can save you real dollars in heating and cooling costs.

Let us help you pick out the best combination of style, performance, thermal efficiency and cost for your home.  We work with many manufacturers including Marvin, Anderson, Pella, Kolbe&Kolbe and Jeldwen.  We also can manufacture custom doors and windows. See Kuhl Case Study #34 which illustrates our talent for designing unique solutions for a custom door client in Minneapolis.

Cost of Custom Doors in Minneapolis

Most custom doors cost between $3000 and $6000 including fabrication, finishing, hardware and installation.  That’s no small chunk of change.  But considering that your front door is perhaps the most important element in establishing your homes’ personality and character, this investment can make a lot of sense.

We have installed simple custom made doors for under $2,500 and have exceeded $25,000 on one fancy door in Edina.  The point is that there is a wide range of cost and design possibilities in terms of custom doors in Minneapolis.  Our job is to work with you to find the best balance between design and budget for your custom door project.

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