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Price vs. Value: What’s your calculation?

You hear it all the time.  You get what you pay for.  Well, yes and no.  We all know it’s possible to pay a lot for crappy work and on rare occasion pay a little for excellent work.  Still, it’s generally true that the ‘get-what-you-pay-for’ principle applies to residential contracting here in the Minnesota.  If you receive an estimate from our competition that is substantially lower, the odds are they are including lower quality labor or materials, they plan on change-ordering you to death, they have figured out ways to cut corners during the job, or a combination of all the above.  It’s normally not the case that the other company has decided to profit less from their work.  They run a business, after all.  It’s that they have managed to sell donkeys and call them horses.

In the case of Kuhl, what you buy always aligns with what you spend because we jointly agree on your needs up front.  Want to perform your work on a tight budget?  Not a problem. Concerned mostly about the longterm performance of the work? Not a problem.  The work we do for you-and what it costs-will depend on the needs you express while we are estimating your project.  When it comes to our work we never use a cookie cutter.

For this reason we often create graduated proposals for our clients.  Call it a good-better-best approach.  The choice is yours.  In all cases you can expect the same high level of service and attention from your Kuhl team.  Price objectives are met through adjustments to the quality of the materials and sophistication of the design.  As long as we are all on the same page in terms of expectations we will be a successful team.

And you thought you would never use a Venn Diagram again…

You have probably heard of the age old business axiom that describes the relationship among price, service and quality.  See Venn Diagram (right).  Basic economic law dictates that consumers may only have two of the three.  For example, one can’t have the very best car from the dealer with the best service for the price of a pinto.

We will never provide poor service because it is not smart business.  Because that option is off the table the puzzle gets quite simple.  See Kuhl Venn Diagram (right).  Our approach to projects revolves around a team approach.  You and us are all on the same team, specifically.  You only need to let us know where you fall on the price/quality spectrum.  We will do the rest.  We are capable of installing more affordable materials at a lower price or the very finest materials at a higher price.  At the end of the day our goal is to earn an honest living while also earning your loyalty, trust and satisfaction.  It’s that simple.

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