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Minneapolis Gutter and Roof Cleaning

No matter how long winter is, spring is sure to come. And if you’ve been around the Twin Cities last week, it feels like it’s already here. It’s hard to imagine it’s still February, but it’s never too early to start thinking about your home maintenance needs.

If you live in Minneapolis, we want to make sure roof and gutter cleaning are on your list this year. If it isn’t, we’re here to tell you it should be! During the winter months, harsh weather affects the integrity of the health of your home. Ice, snow and dramatic temperature shifts can all wreak havoc on a roof. Even if you don’t suspect any problems or issues, it is best to scope it out just to be certain.

Many Minneapolis homeowners forget about their home exteriors over the winter months so we thought we would put a simple checklist together to help with the broad strokes.

Minneapolis Roof and Gutter Maintenance Checklist

  • Safety first

    • Walk around and inspect from the ground level first
    • Ladder safety: Be very careful on ladders
    • Roof safety: Under most circumstances we do not recommend homeowners climbing their roofs. It’s best to hire a pro
  • Clear off big debris

    • Use a bristle broom or leaf blower
  • Cleaning gutters

    • Hands-in for big debris
    • Hose for small stuff after. A hose rinse before cleaning big debris can clog the downspout
    • No pressure washers as these machines can damage the gutters

Dealing with these budding problems in a sensible timeline will help your roof withstand the spring rain, hot summer sun, and any additional challenges that come with the changing of the seasons. If you determine you need a professional for roof cleaning or need roof repairs, call on Kuhl’s Contracting to do the job.

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