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Animal Damage to Homes Animal Damage to Homes

Animal Damage to Homes

Those little bastards.  You gave them things to eat.  You even considered keeping your cat inside to decrease the chances of them being eaten.  And still, they have pecked and chewed into your home.  This means war!

We are not an exterminator or animal control specialist.  You will need to call someone else for that.  We are experts in repairing the damage they leave behind whether it be on your roof, in your siding or any other area.  The most common forms of damage we see (and fix) are:

  1. Squirrel damage to cedar roofs (Kuhl Case Study #41)
  2. Squirrel damage to siding and trim
  3. Birds nesting in roof vents (Kuhl Case Study #43)
  4. Wood peckers doing what they do
  5. Birds, bats and other critters in chimneys

In fact, grab your popcorn and enjoy this little gallery of devastation we have come across in the past few years.

If you have animals that have damaged your roof, your siding, your chimney or any other area of your home, we can help.

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