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Roof Repair & Restoration

The people of Kuhl have been repairing roofs in Minneapolis and surrounding areas for over twenty years. We routinely repair cedar, asphalt, slate, tile and a variety of flat roof systems for both residential and commercial clients. Using the right materials and repair methods is essential but we often find proper inspection and diagnosis is the step frequently overlooked by others. Kuhl Case Study #17 looks at a basic mistake made by a local high-end builder that cost a Minneapolis homeowner time and money. We are the only company in the Twin Cities that regularly uses an industrial thermal imager to see through walls and roofs to find roof leaks. Other times it comes down to sleuthing around using old-school inspection methods (the classic finger poke, for example). Either way you can’t solve a problem unless it is fully understood.

Perhaps the greatest advantage we bring to our clients is that we are far beyond simple roofers. Let’s face it, roofers tend to find roof problems and frequently water intrusion issues involve more than just the roof. Check out our Kuhl Case Studies to see what we mean. Beyond our experience in diagnosing the issues we offer a unique blend of skills that allows us to fix anything we find. We enjoy absolute accountability for everything we touch.

Cedar Roof Restoration

Research is clear on this point: You can double the life of cedar products that are exposed to the elements through occasional maintenance.  Whether it’s your body, your car or your home, it doesn’t take a genius to deduce that maintaining things generally makes them last longer.  Unlike any other roofing material in the world, you can play an active role in determining how long your cedar roof will last.

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Storm Damage Repair

Emergency storm damage repairs can be scary for a few reasons.  First, storms seem to stir up sediment from the very bottom of the contracting barrel; sediment that often shows up at your door after the storm with slick offerings of ‘expert’ help.  Beyond the risk of storm chasers, storm damage also frequently involves dealing with insurance companies which presents its own set of challenges.  Case Study #14 lists  18 Common Roof Leaks on Minneapolis roofs.

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Ice Dam Prevention & Ice Dam Repairs

Steve Kuhl wrote a nationally published article on ice dam prevention and ice dam removal (check it out).  In it he claims that preventing ice dams is simple; just keep the snow on your roof from melting.  Notice he said ‘simple’, not easy. While the variables that can contribute to ice dams number in the dozens, the fundamentals are clear.  Addressing your home’s insulation, heat bypasses and ventilation will prevent most ice dams from forming.  Also, see Kuhl Case Study #21. Here are some helpful tips on finding where ice dams happen on Minneapolis homes (Kuhl Case Study #11).  Here is a list of Six Ice Dam Warning Signs (Kuhl Case Study #12).

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Animal Damage Repair

If your home is under attack by birds, squirrels, raccoons or other disrespectful creatures we can fix the damage left behind.  We repair wood siding damaged by woodpeckers, wood trim destroyed by squirrels and roofs assaulted by raccoons.  You name it.  We’ve fixed it.  And unlike the pest control guys that offer to ‘fix’ the damage, we do it professionally.  See Kuhl Case Study #41 to learn about squirrels and your roof.  Here are a few others for you viewing pleasure: Kuhl Case Study #10, Kuhl Case Study #22, Kuhl Case Study #43.

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Leaking Skylight Repair & Skylight Replacement

There are two kinds of skylights.  The ones that are leaking and the ones that are about to leak.  That’s an old quip tossed around among the trades and it speaks to the fact that skylights have a bad reputation.  Here’s our take.  There are two types of skylights.  The ones installed correctly and all the rest.  A skylight properly installed will provide many years of service.  Period.  Because installing one can involve a combination of a few trades finding the right team can be tricky.  That’s where the Kuhl team can help.

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Flashing Repair

We repair masonry, stucco and wood sided chimneys in the Minneapolis and surrounding areas.  Water intrusion is normally the cause of the damage to masonry and stucco chimneys while animals and improper flashing details lead to the demise of wood sided chimneys.  Either way, we will fix the problem.  Our chimney work can range from installing a basic cap to a total reconstruction, depending on the circumstances.  See Kuhl Case Study #18, Kuhl Case Study #27, Kuhl Case Study #32, Kuhl Case Study #35 or Kuhl Case Study #42.

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